Knowledge Will Increase

Gouache, graphite, ink, on Egyptian papyrus mounted on tracing paper 
87 x 126 cm

Knowledge Will Increase” is appropriated from a Scriptural text that foretells of the last days. Knowing that it has been foretold, I used one of the printmaking techniques and went through the repetitive motion of relief printing on tracing paper to cover one side of the papyrus with the aforementioned phrase written in Morse code. That way, it serves as an “underlying” element as it has been predestined to be. It is placed in such a way that it can only be seen when looked upon closely. Through the visual interpretation, my intent is for viewers to see the spread, development and transitions made through time: the act of writing taking its place, lands to grids, a unique writing system to a script that is shared across borders. Although not many may be able to decipher the message written in Morse Code, it is an intentional choice as I hope to let the viewers experience gaining understanding through a given statement. Creating a contrast between those that do and them that do not creates an emphasis on the difference in the levels of knowledge today.